Escorts Ooze Fashion Sense

escorts ooze fashion sense

In the sex industry, everybody wants to be prettier than the rest. For them to outshine the others, escorts have to improve their fashion sense, perk up their style, and elevate their approach and services. The adult business is a serious business. Because of this, prostitutes are expected to always look marketable.

Clients who are interested in having a liaison with top escorts and sex workers usually book them online. Having said that, most gents rely on how these women style themselves in choosing their “dish for the day.” For instance, top-tier prostitutes always follow the latest fashion trend in order to catch the attention of prospective clients.

Escorts Ooze Fashion Sense

These days, some Hollywood celebs follow a rather quirky fashion style. They call it the “grunge look”, but it appears that it is a desperate attempt to wear skimpy outfits. Some cannot even tell the difference if these stars are dressing fashionably or as escorts. Truth be told, today’s sex workers have adopted an expensive taste in clothing and apparels. The days where the escorts wear revealing clothing is a thing of the past.

Believe it or not, escorts do have their own fashion bible. Looking glamorous is a must in this industry. While it is fundamentally important for a sex worker to have a pretty face and an amazing body, their oozing fashion sense will make them stand out from the crop. Some say the high class Asian escorts exude the greatest style of any – but only the top-shelf ones – we all know the Bangkok types who are the complete downmarket opposite. Here are some examples on how escorts exude their great taste in fashion.

– Belts are a must-have in fashion. These are available in various designs and colors, which make them an easy solution for escorts if they want an instant fashion boost. Just pair them with skinny jeans or khaki trousers, and voila! They now look chic in their casual outfit.

– When accessorizing, top escorts ensure that these adornments complement well with their overall look. Bringing more than two bags when meeting their clients is a big no. A small purse is enough to rock that look.

– A fuller lips can be achieved without going through cosmetic enhancements. One simple trick that escorts do is that they use lipsticks in bright hues. Also, they avoid wearing lipsticks in dark shades, but only if they want to have thin lips.

High class escorts need not to spend thousands of dollars to look glamorous. With these simple hacks, they still get to ooze their fashion sense and attract more clients.